About Us
Chengdu Jialing Huaxi Optical &Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is an affiliate of Jialing Group that is subordinate to China Military Equipment Group Company. The company was originally established in Guang¡¯an Sichuan Province in 1966. It moved to Pixian Chengdu in 1990 and to Northern Zone of Chengdu Modern Industrial Park in 2010. It is located not more than 30 kilometers away from the center of Chengdu and so close to the nearest railway station or airport that convenient transportation is available.
Address: No. 663, Gang Tong Bei San Road, North Zone, Chengdu Modern Industrial Park, Chengdu 611743, P.R. China
Tel: (8628)86108118 86108008
Fax: (8628)86108119 86108009
WebSite: http://www.cdhx.com.cn
Email: hua.xi@cdhx.com.cn